as a Lighting Designer
I've been involved with theater since my teens, and I don't expect to let go of show-business anytime soon. In children's theater, I learned passion, sensibility, and discipline, which I made into my professional motto. I learned early on the importance of rehearsal and commitment to any project, whether big or small. Studying the play, listening to the music, reading the script's show or watching the choreography, i.e., the entire process, really stimulates me to do the best I can - that's why I always say that I do "lighting with soul."    
as a Visual Artist
COLOR AND GEOMETRY. That was always my “thing.” There is always a unique characteristic to my drawings: strong colors and geometry. I started drawing on paper using ink and markers, and a few years ago I went on to digital drawing. Most of the time, I use SketchBook Pro (desktop-mobile), Photoshop, and Procreate.Now I'm getting into Illustrator.​​​​​​​
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